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11/17/2014 - Winter Has Arrived

The Park Rapids area and Big Sand received the first measurable snow of this winter season on Wednesday, November 5. A photo taken that day along Iowa Beach Road is posted on the Big Sand Lake Association Facebook page. Temperatures have been hovering in the teens and low 20’s with overnight lows at zero or slightly below. Ice has started to develop along the shore. Check the webcam daily to observe the process as the lake becomes totally ice covered.


11/17/2014 - Hubbard County AIS Plan for Utilizing 2015 State Funds

Hubbard County’s portion of state revenue for AIS prevention and management was approximately $112,100 in 2014. The projected amount for 2015 is $249,244. Attached is the Hubbard County 2015 AIS Plan that was developed by the Hubbard County AIS Task Force and submitted to the DNR for approval. The plan, approved by the County Commissioners on November 4th, documents how the State AIS Funds will be applied in 2015. Click here for a copy of the plan. Click here for a list of the Hubbard County AIS Task Force members.


An excellent source of information on the State AIS Prevention and Funding program is available from the link below.  We encourage all of you to become familiar with its contents.


10/28/2014 - One More Thing to Worry About: Pine Bark Beetles

The issue of Pine Bark Beetles was discussed at the last BSLA Annu-al Meeting. A concerned BSLA member did further research on the topic and forwarded the following information. Please click here to read more:


10/31/2014 - October Newsletter Available On-Line

The Big Sand October newsletter was bulk mailed earlier in October to all Big Sand residents for whom we have addresses for in our database. The newsletter is also available on-line by clicking the ‘Newsletters’ tab in the left hand column on this page. This issue contains articles on the history of of the walleye slot limit on Big Sand and an update on water clarity and AIS prevention activities. In addition there is a beautiful poem written by Spencer Brand, a fourth generation family member of Pine Cone Lodge. Spencer, now a junior at the University of Minnesota, wrote the poem when he was in high school during a time when the future of Pine Cone Lodge was in question.


We hope you received your copy. If not, please let us know via or by using the form on our Contact Us page.


10/31/2014 - Become a Friend of Big Sand

Friends of Big Sand is a way for non-residents to support the work of the Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA). In addition to providing this website and a webcam (plans are underway for a 2nd, west-facing camera), BSLA activites include: conducting frequent testing of water quality and for early indication of invasive species; funding and arranging for watercraft inspections at the landing; installing and maintaining safety buoys; plus much more.


Whether you are a frequent “in-person” visitor to Big Sand or one who only enjoys visiting Big Sand via the webcam, we encourage you to become a “Friend of Big Sand”. The annual dues of $20 will support the activities of the Big Sand Lake Association to preserve, protect and enhance the lake we all love. Click on the ‘Membership’ tab in the left hand column for a convenient on-line, credit card payment process. The option to download and mail in payment is also available.


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This is a copy of “Public Notice Big Sand Lake Public Water Access Site”
as printed in the Park Rapids Enterprise
on  Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Parks & Trails Division of the Department of Natural Resources has obtained an option to purchase a 0.56 acre percel of land located in Section 35, Township 141 North, Range 34 West, Lake Emma Township, Hubbard County, Minnesota, owned by Polly A. Boggs, for the purpose of improving the existing public water access site in the southeast corner of Big Sand Lake. Proposed improvements would include a new and expanded bituminous parking area, a double concrete plank ramp with floating docks, stormwater retention ponds to accommodate runoff and aquatic invasive species best management practices. Provisins would be made for portable toilets. One residential structure and a detached garage are located on the site. The project would be tentatively scheduled for the 2015 construction season.

Comments will be accepted from the public concerning this proposal until 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 31, 2013. Comments can be sent to David Schotzko, Area Supervisor, Department of Natural Resources, Parks & Trails Division, 3296 State Park Road NE, Bemidji, MN 56601 or