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01/06/2017 - Advocacy Action Needed Now to Help Prevent New AIS Invasions

MN Lakes and Rivers, an advocacy organization that BSLA supports, with a membership, sent the following message:


   "Yesterday the 2017 Minnesota Legislature began. There are many new legislators, and Republicans hold majorities in both the House and the Senate. As they begin to set their agenda for the upcoming session, it is critical that lake home and cabin folks write to them and let them know that protection of lake and river heritage is a core, bi-partisan Minnesota value.

    Now is the time to contact your legislators and educate them about one of the biggest threats to this heritage, a new invasive species called starry stonewort. Starry Stonewort, a species of algae, was discovered in Minnesota for the first time in 2015 around the public access site on Lake Koronis."


Starry stonewort is fast becoming an equal to zebra mussels as the most worrisome of invasive species. Initially discovered in Lake Koronis, located in Stearns County southwest of St. Cloud, starry stonewort has been identified in 7 more lakes in Minnesota. Without aggressive efforts, it will spread exponentially, similar to how zebra mussels are now spreading. An article appeared in the Park Rapids Enterprise on December 10, confirming the on-going spread with the identification of zebra mussel larvae in nearby Leech Lake.


Click here to read more about this issue and a convenient link to reach MN legislators.


01/06/2017 - It’s a Deep Freeze But Big Sand’s Little Christmas Tree is Still Glowing

2017 brought the arrival of deep freeze temperatures to Big Sand. If you have been checking Big Sand’s weather on the website from a warm locale, you might marvel at the below zero temperatures being recorded. The temperature on the morning of January 4th was 15 below, with a wind chill of -41. The hardy folks who live at the lake year-round are enduring, and with no other choice, taking the weather in stride. For a warming sight, check out the east facing webcam and the warm lights of the Christmas tree placed in front of Evergreen Lodge. It will stay lit for a couple more weeks to brighten the long winter nights. Currently sunset is around 4:45 p.m. CST and sunrise not until 8:05 a.m.


01/06/2017 - Meet Your Local SWCD (Soil & Water Conservation District) Event on January 17

We received information from Hubbard COLA (Coalition of Lake Associations) that our local Soil and Water Conservation District is hosting an informational event  on January 17th at the Northwoods Bank Community Room. The event is open to the public from 3-7 p.m. Lake association members and lake residents are encouraged to attend. COLA will have a table highlighting the volunteer water quality monitoring program that is marking the 20th year of operation on Hubbard County lakes. Big Sand has been a participant since its inception. COLA will also be demonstrating the RMB Environmental Laboratories Lakes Program charts showing how our lakes communicate with us through the volunteer-gathered data.


12/22/2016 - Make a Tax-Deductible Donation for Big Sand’s 2017 Watercraft Inspections

The new process instituted by Hubbard County for paying for AIS watercraft inspections in 2017 requires full payment from lake associations on March 1, 2017. The estimated payment Big Sand must make is approximately $9,500 dollars. To accommodate paying this large sum by the deadline, the BSLA Board recommends that AIS donations should be directed to the Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund held by the Northwest MN Foundation instead of the Big Sand treasury. Click here for the article in the recent Big Sand newsletter for more detail about this change.


To donate to Big Sand Lake’s AIS fund for watercraft inspections, please click on the “Donate Now” button on the right hand column. If you prefer donating with a check, please make the check out to “Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund” and mail to NWMF 201 3rd Street, NW, Bemidji MN 56601. All donations made to the Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund between now and March 1st unless otherwise directed will be designated for AIS Watercraft Inspections. An AIS fund raising letter from the Charitable Fund, which will include a self addressed return envelope, is being mailed to all Big Sand residents in the next few days. If you have questions or concerns, or want to request a phone call, email Catharine Williamson at


12/22/2016 - 2015/2016 Watercraft Inspection Summary Report

We received the summary reports for the 2016 AIS watercraft inspections from Don Carlos, Hubbard County AIS Program Coordinator. Click here for just the Big Sand summary for 2016 and 2015.


12/22/2016 - COLA December 2016 Newsletter

Click here for a copy of the recent Hubbard County COLA (Coalition of Lake Associations) newsletter. Of special interest is the last article about the ‘Aquatic Invaders Summit held in October. That article includes links to several informative presentations at the conference including:

  • A 3 1/2 minute video, "Aquatic Invasive Species: An Underwater Perspective" which features a segment on Starry Stonewort, the newest and perhaps most devastating invasive lake weed, To see the video only, click on the link: "Summit kicked off with a special video."
  • "Economics Impacts of AIS" which focuses on "How Much Do Private Citizens and LGUs (local government units) Spend to Protect Public Water." Conclusion of that study is that counties in MN that spend more money on prevention have minimal AIS compared to other counties. Hubbard County, which for now is AIS free, ranks third in AIS spending statewide.
  • "Invasion of zebra mussels" links to a report showing the timeline of zebra mussels spreading from Russia to inland lakes with Minnesota now having the highest rate of spread.

Dr. Peter Sorenson from the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, University of Minnesota, presented information,on establishing “Ecosystem Protection at a Local Level: A Bold, New Step in AIS Prevention”. To hear an interview with Dr. Sorenson done by MPR at the conference, click on this link:


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