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06/21/2016 - BSLA Annual Meeting and Family Picnic - Saturday, June 25

All Big Sand residents, families and friends are invited to attend the Big Sand Lake Association Annual Meeting at Evergreen Lodge, beginning at 10 a.m. In addition to updates and news from the lake association, two speakers are on the agenda: Brad Witken, DNR Forestry, will provide information about managing our trees and the pine bark beetle threat, and the new Hubbard County AIS Program Coordinator , Bill DonCarlos will speak on the county’s AIS prevention activities and plans. Click here for a copy of the meeting agenda. A complimentary family picnic will be served following the meeting. Even if you are not a BSLA member, please come to meet and greet with fellow Big Sanders and hear what is going on around the lake and with BSLA.


06/21/2016 - Membership Reminder - Now Is the Time

Lake season has started and it’s time to add your support to the Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA) efforts to keep Big Sand the beautiful and safe place we all enjoy. Think invasive-free waters and safety buoys. Everyone is encouraged to click on one of the following links, "Renew My Membership", "Become a Member", or "Become an Associate Member" (associate membership is at a reduced rate for adult children of BSLA members and non-resident Big Sand friends). Joining on line is paperless, secure, quick, easy and in addition may save some trees. For those who prefer to use mail, a downloaded form is available on each of the links above. OR, come to the Annual Meeting and renew/join in person.


06/14/2016 - Renovation at the Public Landing

The existing house on the lot the DNR purchased next to the public landing has been sold and is in the process of being moved off the property. When heavy equipment was sighted at the landing last week, a representative from the BSLA Board requested an update from the DNR. Dave Schotzko, Area Supervisor, DNR Parks and Trails, responded with the following information: "We hired a contractor to remove the trees next to the house and then the house will also be moved next week (June 13-17). May take a few years to get a design and cash to build the site but once we have preliminary design plan, we will share with the Lake Association".  For photos, go to the Big Sand Lake Facebook page.



We received a DNR flyer with information on identifying and managing pine bark beetle infestation from a Big Sand resident who contacted the Park Rapids DNR Forestry office with concerns about dying trees on their property. Perhaps if we all follow the steps and procedures, a wide spread bark beetle infestation around the lake can be avoided. (Click here for a copy of the flyer.) Watering healthy trees now where possible is especially important after a winter with little snow cover and a fairly dry spring. A few copies of the attached flyer and more information will be available at the Annual Meeting on June 25.


If you have immediate concerns, Mark Carlstrom with the DNR Forestry office, Park Rapids, can be reached at 218-732-3309, extension 222.


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Find out why the minor watersheds are important. Learn how buffers, rain gardens, and other proactive steps help protect them. Karen Terry will be facilitating the Watershed Game, which is an interactive tool that helps individuals understand the connection between land use and water quality. Participants learn how a variety of land uses impact water and natural resources, increase their knowledge of best management practices (BMPs) and learn how their choices can prevent adverse impacts.


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