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Happy Holidays in the 2023-24 season

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11/01/2023 - Fall 2023 Newsletter

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10/23/2023 - 2023 Big Sand Lake AIS Detection Vegetative Survey

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10/11/2023 - Hubbard County COLA AIS Committee Report

AIS watercraft Inspection program – Aaron reported 19216 watercraft inspections have been completed, with an average of 1.35 inspections per hour at Hubbard County public access locations. Approximately 300 hours of scheduled inspections remain to be completed per the 2023 program schedule. 144 decontaminations have been completed this season compared to 83 last year. The decon station is now closed for the season. No new instances of AIS being found during watercraft inspections were noted since last month. The DNR portable decon station has been intermittently operating at the Long Lake South access this fall and will be there through October.

Sharon reported that the cost of renting the current billboard located on highway 34 at the east entrance to Park Rapids is $7500 for a full year. The county will split the cost of the billboard with HCCOLA.

Sharon reported the CD3 decon unit will be installed at the Long Lake South Access this month.

The team discussed the summarized results of the brainstorming sessions and last month’s prioritizing effort. All ideas that received at least 4 votes during the prioritizing session will be added to the 2024 AIS Operating Team goals document. Sharon and Aaron will update the Goals and Accomplishments spreadsheet for the October HCCOLA meeting.

The team discussed the funding for increased AIS vegetation surveys for next year. Aaron and Bryan will work with the county to determine if the county will set aside some money from the State of Minnesota AIS prevention funds to establish a limited pot of money to supplement HCCOLA funding for AIS vegetation surveys on county lakes. HCCOLA will be exploring additional funding for this effort beyond the $4000 already allocated to the Charitable Grant program.

The next meeting of the AIS Operating Team is scheduled for November 14, at 10:30 AM in the Environmental Services Conference

09/19/2023 - Charitable Fund Committee

The Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund Committee would like to thank the following donors who contributed to the Charitable Fund from July 1, 2022, to September 20, 2023. Thanks to your generosity, the 2023 DNR watercraft inspection program at the public access was completely funded! Thanks for joining in the fight to protect beautiful Big Sand Lake!

06/27/2023 - BSLA Membership

If you have not already done so, we encourage everyone to please renew/join BSLA with a current membership for 2023. Click on the link under Membership, log in and submit your dues via credit card or PayPal. We also encourage everyone to take a moment and review your contact information, etc. in the Resident Directory by visiting the Member’s Area and logging in with your password. Membership is crucial to helping us maintain the pristine waters of Big Sand Lake and we thank all of you for your support.

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