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11/30/2021 - BSLA Winter Newsletter

To download and view the new winter BSLA Newsletter click here. View previous newsletters by clicking here.

10/18/2021 - DNR Public Access Expansion

As promised, the DNR did have the access open for use on Monday, October 4, 2021. At this time, all work has stopped for the season and the access is open for use as is. Next spring paving activities will commence and the project will be complete. When and if we know dates for any of that work, we will be sure and let everyone know.

10/18/2021 - Hubbard County COLA

August - September Meeting Minutes found here: Please note, the next COLA meeting is October 28, 2021.

10/18/2021 - Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates

Jeff Forester of Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates has been honored for his work with AIS research support. You can read about it here:


The Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund Committee would like to gratefully acknowledge the following 65 Big Sand Lake home and cabin owners who contributed generously to the Fund to support DNR watercraft inspection at the boat launch this past year.

Thank you for helping to keep Big Sand Lake AIS free!

David H. Billion, Cathy Birkeland, Paul T. Birkeland, Debra Bowers, Andrea Brainard, Bob Bray, Gregory Bruggen, Tim Conely, Carolyn G. Corwin, Hollis Corwin, Bryce & Carrie Craig, Michael Cziok, William Eichten, William H. Ellis, Evergreen Lodge Resort & Golf Course, Tim Fischbach, Gary Garner, William Hanley, Ann & Chris Hilger, David & Joan Hilger, Dr. Peter & Linda Hilger, Deborah & Peter James Hilger, Tim Hilger & Kathy Ebert, Don Hoodecheck, Cynthia Jones, Tom Kimer, Tanya Knudson, Pamela Kobriger, Wayne Krueger, Evelyn L. Kvamme, Linda & Paul Lee, Edith Long, Matt Lyons, Peter Marrinan, Michael Marzolf, Charles A. Mausbach, Butch McConn, Patrick Mcgrath, Rena Mears, Robert Milligan, Jon Monson, Tom Naerebout, Rolf Nelson, Sandra Ondracek, Charles Perkins, Brian Peterson, James Pierson, Pinewoods LLC, Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation, Richard Provinzino, Gingie Schmitt, Tom Scott, James Shandorf, Carol & Pat Sokol, Laura Spolum, John Steffen, James Stephenson, Shari Sutor, Thomas N. Tharaldson, Stan Williamson, Randau Wimmer

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