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02/13/2017 - Update on 2017 Watercraft Inspections for Big Sand

BSLA (Big Sand Lake Association) submitted a request for a total of 1,100 hours of AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) watercraft inspections during the 2017 season (May through October) to the Hubbard County AIS Program Coordinator. This request provides 100 more hours than last year to provide coverage during the good fishing month of October and additional hours during high traffic times to help keep Big Sand free from zebra mussels and other invasive species. The total hourly rate for watercraft inspections is $18.50/hr which includes funding for program management, salaries and other related expenses.


The State of MN will pay for 396 inspection hours for Big Sand. BSLA will pay for the remaining 704 hours. BSLA has submitted a request and expects to receive approximately $3400 from the Lake Emma Township Healthy Lakes Partnership Grant Program when funding will be finalized in April.


As required by Hubbard County, BSLA must submit payment of $13,024 by March 1st for the 704 supplemental inspection hours Big Sand requested for 2017 before any reimbursement is received from the Lake Emma Healthy Lakes Program. To accommodate meeting the large amount of funding needed for AIS protection, a special AIS Project Fund has been established as part of the Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund held by Northwest MN Foundation in Bemidji. A letter requesting donations to this fund was mailed to all Big Sand residents in December. To date, approximately $11,525 has been received. Thank you to the 49 generous Big Sand residents who have responded so far. Please see the article below for information on how to donate to the AIS fund. Any excess funds raised will be retained for future AIS prevention programs.


02/13/2017 - Donate Now for AIS Watercraft Inspections

To donate on line to Big Sand’s AIS Watercraft Inspections Program, please click on the “Donate Now” in the right hand column on this page to make a quick, secure credit card donation to the AIS Special Project Fund of the Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund held at Northwest MN Foundation (NWMF).


If you would prefer donating with a check for AIS Watercraft Inspections, please make checks payable to Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund - be sure to write in the memo field, "AIS Watercraft Inspections". Mail checks to NWMF 201 3rd Street, NW, Bemidji MN 56601.


02/13/2017 - Protecting MN Lakes Is Non-Partisan / Join the Citizen Action Network

Note: BSLA is an organizational member of MLR (MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates)


Jeff Forester in the February MLR Legislative Update states: “So much ink has been shed about the divisions in the United States today, the ‘Us" versus Them’. .… That is not the case with Minnesota Lakes and Rivers or with lake associations. Unlike most other advocacy groups, the political affiliation of MLR members roughly reflects state averages…. Both Democrats and Republicans want to protect Minnesota's lake heritage for future generations…. MLR members are active citizens working together to advance the public good of clean and healthy lakes and rivers in Minnesota regardless of political party.


Citizens Action Network (CAN) is your Lake Association's tool for lake and river advocacy. You CAN check up on important bill status, write your legislators, send letters to the editors of media in your area, track the work of legislative committees, see how your legislator voted on a specific bill and more. With CAN, you CAN and will make a difference. No one else is going to protect your lakes for you. It is up to each of us. Together, we CAN and will make a difference.”


Click here to read the full article and click here to join the Citizens Action Network.


12/22/2016 - 2015/2016 Watercraft Inspection Summary Report

We received the summary reports for the 2016 AIS watercraft inspections from Don Carlos, Hubbard County AIS Program Coordinator. Click here for just the Big Sand summary for 2016 and 2015.


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