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11/06/2017 - CD3 and Aquatic Invaders Summit

Made by boaters for boaters, Mark Steven Apfelbacher and Edgar Rudberg partnered with Wildlife Forever to develop equipment that empowers day boaters to act right at boat launches. Clean, Drain, Dry, Dispose: CD3 Stations educate boaters and provide 24/7 accessible free cleaning tools including vacuum, blower and tethered hand tools to prevent spread of AIS.


This year CD3 successfully piloted five CD3 stations across Minnesota. In a combined 310 field days the CD3 cleaning stations had over 6,600 uses. CD3 recently released Case Studies that provide more information on their results.

CD3 will present their findings and highlight the improvements they are making for their cleaning stations at the Aquatic Invaders Summit III. One CD3 unit is powered by solar, proving that these stations can be set up to provide boaters the tools they need to Clean, Drain and Dry even at remote water access sites. In 2018, CD3 hopes to expand their network of stations, providing greater protection for our water resources.


Minnesota designed and Minnesota made, local innovation is closing the gaps in our efforts to protect lake heritage for future generations.

Learn more about this and other innovations at the Aquatic Invaders Summit III, Feb. 28-March 1, 2018.


09/22/2017 - BSLA Board Votes to Voice Concerns About Failure of DNR AIS Prevention

After discussing the DNR's delay in acting on Wright County's efforts to establish mandatory watercraft decontamination and that AIS continues to spread throughout Minnesota at a rate of 20-30 new infestations per year, the BSLA board voted to write a letter voicing our concern that the current DNR AIS plan is simply not working. The letter was published as the guest editorial in the Park Rapids Enterprise on Saturday, September 9th. We are also sending a version to Governor Dayton and legislators. Please let us know (send email to if you would consider submitting a copy of the letter to your local newspaper or have other suggestions for its dispersal. Note that newspapers require a name with editorial submissions, not just "on behalf of the BSLA Board". Click here for a copy of the editorial letter, "Must Minnesota accept failure of AIS prevention program".


09/22/2017 - New Big Sand Resident Directory in Process for Publication

As a service to all residents, the Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA) is preparing a new, print Resident Directory for publication and delivery next spring or early summer and updating the password protected On-Line Resident Directory.

Your help is needed. Many residents have already been contacted by a neighborhood representative and have updated contact information. Please note:

  • If you have received an email or letter from a neighborhood representative, please respond by completing the contact form and submit it as directed. 
  • If you have not been contacted, click here for a copy of the contact form.

Purpose of a Resident Directory:

  • A resident directory provides lake residents a level of safety with the ability to contact neighbors quickly in the event of an emergency, etc.
  • A resident directory provides a sense of community.
  • The print Resident Directory will include a map of the roads and addresses around the lake.


  • The Resident Directory is restricted for use by Big Sand residents only.
  • Each resident on the lake in the directory will receive one complimentary copy courtesy of BSLA.
  • Extra copies will be available for purchase.
  • Membership in BSLA is not necessary to be included, although each resident is encouraged to join.


  • Volunteers from each of the 15 Big Sand neighborhood areas are contacting residents to update contact information. Click here for a list of the volunteer neighborhood representatives.
  • If you have not already confirmed or updated your contact information, please respond promptly to the phone message, email or letter from your representative.
  • Contact information currently in the on-line directory may be reviewed here. If you cannot access the directory, send a message to
  • Information received will be collated for publication by a volunteer committee - Bonnie Brand, Sue Fenton, Barb Kimer, Lisa Moore
  • Resident Directories will be distributed next spring or early summer


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