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03/31/2022 - Ice Out Contest

Given the slow spring warm up this year, there is still time to take a guess as to ice-out on Big Sand Lake.  Please email your guess with both TIME and DATE to Don Kilander at

The rules for the contest this year are as follows: Qualifying entries must be submitted 3 days (72 hours) before our team of observer’s rules ice out. All entries should include the date and time, as well as name and contact information.

Decision of the judges is final. Good luck to all and see you on the water!


04/27/2022 - Charitable Lake Fund

The annual Charitable Fund Committee spring campaign to raise money to fund watercraft inspection at the public access is underway! Please make a donation to help cover the cost of this critical effort for summer 2022. Donate to the Charitable Lake Fund here.

To date, Big Sand Lake remains AIS free, thanks to the diligence of your Big Sand Lake Association. Again this year, they have planned for 1100 hours of summer watercraft inspection. The state of Minnesota will cover the cost of 432 of these hours, and 128 hours have been carried over from last summer when the public access was closed for construction. That leaves 540 hours at $22 per hour, or $11,880. A $3,300 grant from Lake Emma Township reduces the total cost to $8,580, which is our campaign goal this year.


Thank you in advance for making a contribution toward this vital tool in our fight to protect beautiful Big Sand!

Chris Hilger, Ann Hilger, Linda Lee

Charitable Fund Committee

04/25/2022 - Get the Lead Out

Lake Associations have been integral partners in Get the Lead Out - reach out to your bait and tackle store partners to encourage them to join.

The MPCA has a rebate program which gives bait and tackle stores a 35% rebate on lead-free tackle purchases, (Max award of $2,000 per store). See website here for more information:

04/25/2022 - Minnesota Lakes & Rivers

Will launch both Lake Steward and Stop Starry programs this summer. For more information on either of these, please contact Jeff Forester at


Please note that Big Sand Lake Association is a member of Minnesota Lakes & Rivers, this is provided as information, and to additionally provide contact information should you wish to join and support them in their efforts.

We have seen increases as high as 110% without any improvements or changes to the property. Minnesota lakes and Rivers Advocates has a long track record of success. We are working this Legislative Session for some property tax relief. We need your support to continue our more...

04/25/2022 - The Best Plants to Protect Your Shore - A Case Study, by Jeff Forester

Click here to read the article.

04/25/2022 - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Volunteer Water Monitoring Program

Click here to learn more.

03/31/2022 - BSLA Annual Meeting and Picnic

Our annual meeting and family picnic will be held June 25, 10:00 a.m. at Pine Cone Lodge, 19703 Grouse Road, Park Rapids, MN. We hope to see you and your family there!

03/31/2022 - BSLA Summer Socials

Reminder, we will be hosting summer socials again, with dates to be announced. There will be a Women’s Gathering planned June thru September on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, with the itinerary to be announced. If anyone is interested in assisting with this, or for further details, please contact Jo Kilander. Finally, the Annual Golf Outing & Social will be held at Headwaters Golf Club on Saturday, September 10th, so mark your calendars.

03/31/2022 - Hubbard County COLA

HC COLA 1st Quarter E-Newsletter published for your reading enjoyment. Click here to read the latest E-Newsletter.

03/23/2022 - Are You a 2022 BSLA Member?

To check your BSLA membership status, please click on the 'Membership' tab above. If you are a renewing member, and have already paid dues for 2022, the first line on the page will state 'Your last membership year is 2022'. Please do not submit payment again. We are hoping to reach, if not surpass, our goal of 165 BSLA members in 2022. We currently stand at nearly 135. Thank you to all who have renewed! We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2022 BSLA Annual Meeting and Family Picnic on June 25 at Pine Cone Lodge.

01/26/2022 - BSLA Membership Drive

It’s time to renew your Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA) membership for 2022 (or become a new member). The BSLA Annual Membership Drive runs January – December. Membership recruitment letters were mailed on January 25. If you don’t receive yours within the next 10 days or so, please contact

However, to simplify, just click on the ‘Membership’ tab in the menu above. Renewing members, please be sure to review and update your contact information. (Check your password to access the ‘Members Area’ on the website.)

BSLA is active year-round. Your dues paid now offset recurring expenses, help us prepare to be up and running with water quality testing, and other activities for the 2022 lake season. Thank you, in advance, for supporting the lake association. May thoughts of warm temperatures, beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and the clear blue waters of Big Sand comfort you while the snow is flying and temperatures are well below freezing.

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