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03/02/2023 - 2023 ICE OUT Contest

Big Sand Lake winter sceneFebruary proved to be an exceptionally fickle weather month this year! Temperatures were all over, with readings from the negative range up to 48 degrees.  We need to think positively about Spring.  What date do you think the ice will be off the lake?  For those of you who are into research, check out our ICE OUT DATES tab on the Big Sand Lake website.  It might help with your decision.  

To participate in the fun, please send your guess to Don Kilander at kilanderdon@gmail.comThe deadline for your submission is March 30.  Those who select the winning date will have the honor to be recognized both on the website and at the Annual Meeting (Saturday, June 24, 2023). Good Luck to all!

02/08/2023 - 2022 Big Sand Lake AIS Watercraft Inspections Summary

The AIS Watercraft Inspection program is under the auspices of the Hubbard County Environmental Office and the DNR.  The current Hubbard County AIS Specialist, Aaron Anderson, recruits and manages the inspectors and the overall watercraft inspection program.  The DNR trains and certifies the inspectors and is available to assist with problem inspections and consultation.  Participating lakes are granted a certain number of state-funded inspection hours based on usage and other factors.  Lake associations may request supplemental hours to be paid for by the individual lake associations.  BSLA requested 1100 hours of inspections for the 2022 season of which 150 hours were allocated to the Lake Emma access.  Due to the closure of the Big Sand access during construction in 2021, 128 hours were carried over from 2021. 

Aaron Anderson submitted the following 2022 summary for Big Sand:

·   Big Sand Lake Association paid $8,580 for 390 supplemental hours (128 hours were carried over from 2021, reducing the 2022 payment).
·   BSLA received a $3,300 grant from Lake Emma Township for 150 hours
·   State funded hours 432 hours
·   Total 2022 hours: 1100 

2022 Inspection Results Summary:

·   A total of 1,532 inspections were completed
·   Number of inspections per hour = 1.36
·   Number of inspections upon entering Big Sand = 849
·   Number of inspections upon exiting Big Sand = 683
·   Number of watercraft entering from infested waters = 166
       87 from Zebra Mussel infested waters
       18 from Stary Stonewort infested waters
·   Number of watercraft entering from out of state = 111

NOTE:  Total state funded hours that have been allocated for Big Sand for 2023 will be 360 hours, which is a reduction of 70 hours from 2022.  BSLA will be paying more supplemental hours to maintain our 1100 hours of coverage.  Watch for and please resound to forthcoming requests from the Big Sand Charitable Lake Fund for AIS Donations.

02/08/2023 - Big Sand Lake Association Annual Newsletter

Stay tuned for the mailing of our annual newsletter! To read an online copy, click here. Please note it is time to renew your BSLA Membership for 2023. A membership form will be enclosed with the Newsletter, however, you can easily renew online today! Please see the Membership Tab, and renew via credit card or PayPal. You may also download a printable form and mail in your dues if you prefer. During this process, we would ask that you check your BSLA contact information and update it, if needed, by choosing Update My Information under the Membership Tab. Thank you all for updating or starting a new BSLA Membership for 2023.

02/08/2023 - Big Sand Lake Social Committee

If you have not participated in any of the social events for Big Sand, please get in touch with Jo Kilander at to get signed up for notifications with regard to these fun happenings!

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