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01/16/2017 - Hubbard COLA News

There will be a workshop on countywide AIS coordination February 15 from 1-4 p.m. at the Hubbard County Law Enforcement Center.
Please visit for further details.


2018 State of the Water Conference is scheduled for April 12 – 14th.
Please visit for further details.


01/16/2017 - Hubbard County Recreational Plan

The Hubbard County Recreational Plan has a link to complete a survey and provide ideas. Click here to take part in both as your ideas and input are very important.


12/05/2017 - VIRTUAL Summit

COLA will be hosting a simultaneous live streamed session of the Aquatic Invaders Summit III at Northwood Bank (free of charge) Feb. 28 – March 1. If interested, please RSVP to Sharon Natzel at Full details can be found on the Hubbard County COLA website as well as at


At the Aquatic Invaders Summit III, (Feb. 28/March 1) researchers from US Geological Survey will present the latest eDNA technology and protocols that could tell you not only if AIS is present in the lake, but potentially how much. And by programming the chip with other genetic markers, this technology could provide very accurate counts of all other species as well.


They have also developed a portable eDNA tester and protocol that can be used by a layperson with a bit of training.


12/12/2017 - Data From 2017 AIS Inspections at the Big Sand Lake Public Access

From the Big Sand Lake Public access, there were 1,642 inspections with 57% of the boats entering Big Sand. One boat still had a plug in; 9 boats had mud and/or plants on the boat or trailer, which were cleaned and removed; 70 boats that entered were from lakes that were infested.


The number of boats inspected per hour was 1.54, which corresponds with the Hubbard County average of 1.49 per hour. 122 boats went through the Decontamination Station for Hubbard County.


There will be an emphasis in 2018 to encourage boaters to use the “free” Decontamination Station, which is located at the transfer station.


There was a total of 1,068 hours of inspection performed at the Big Sand Lake access. We did allocate 32 hours of inspection at the Lake Emma access, which is located less than 100 yards from Big Sand with a river that connects the two bodies of water.


Just a reminder, please consider donating to the Charitable Lake Fund to help us recover funding for 2018 watercraft inspections on Big Sand Lake.


11/06/2017 - CD3 and Aquatic Invaders Summit

Made by boaters for boaters, Mark Steven Apfelbacher and Edgar Rudberg partnered with Wildlife Forever to develop equipment that empowers day boaters to act right at boat launches. Clean, Drain, Dry, Dispose: CD3 Stations educate boaters and provide 24/7 accessible free cleaning tools including vacuum, blower and tethered hand tools to prevent spread of AIS.


This year CD3 successfully piloted five CD3 stations across Minnesota. In a combined 310 field days the CD3 cleaning stations had over 6,600 uses. CD3 recently released Case Studies that provide more information on their results.

CD3 will present their findings and highlight the improvements they are making for their cleaning stations at the Aquatic Invaders Summit III. One CD3 unit is powered by solar, proving that these stations can be set up to provide boaters the tools they need to Clean, Drain and Dry even at remote water access sites. In 2018, CD3 hopes to expand their network of stations, providing greater protection for our water resources.


Minnesota designed and Minnesota made, local innovation is closing the gaps in our efforts to protect lake heritage for future generations.

Learn more about this and other innovations at the Aquatic Invaders Summit III, Feb. 28-March 1, 2018.


Please note that the Winter 2017 BSLA Newsletter is on the website for your reading pleasure.


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