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04/15/2019 - Watercraft Inspection Funding:

The 2019 Campaign for Watercraft Inspection Funding:
A particularly frigid and snowy winter is releasing its grip, and the time of year has come for one of our most important annual spring lake activities: Raising money to support watercraft inspection at the boat launch! read more...

03/29/2019 - Fellow Big Sand Residents

As we all await the blooms of springtime, it is time to submit your entry for the Big Sand Lake Ice Out contest. Big Sand had a long, snowy winter, we are all anxious for the ice to melt and the chance to enjoy the lake this spring and summer.
Please submit your entry no later than April 10 to:

The decision of our unimpeachable judge is absolute and final. The winner will be the recipient of an extravagant certificate commemorating their victory.

Thanks, Bob Bray

03/29/2019 - Happy Spring!

We have had some nice weather days and are looking forward to many more. All icehouses should be off the lake. It is anyone’s guess as to when the ice will go out. We have included a site from the DNR that will be updated as ice goes out on lakes, and includes data from years past.

03/29/2019 - Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates

For new research from MN Sea Grant underscores the urgency and importance of lake association efforts to protect and improve water quality in Minnesota click here.

The 2018 legislative session is about two thirds over, and Omnibus Bills from the various committees will be voted on the floors of the House and Senate soon.

Last week the House Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee passed HF 2209, the Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Finance bill. We would like to thank Rep. Rick Hansen and the other House Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee for their pro-lake bill.

This package contains many measures and funding that will advance the missions of lake associations working to stop the spread of AIS.

HF 2209:

  • Restores lake association aquatic invasive plant management grants at $500k annually,
  • Provides $1 million annually to provide baseline funding for the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center,
  • Increases funding for DNR AiS efforts including inspection, decontamination, education and enforcement efforts.

Please consider reaching out to your representatives to urge them to vote yes on this bill.

02/04/2019 - Membership

We have changed the fiscal year for our accounting to run from January 1 to December 31; therefore it is extremely helpful for us to receive your membership dues in January in order to facilitate our accounting processes. If you haven’t done so, please consider renewing as soon as possible. A fiscally sound lake association and well-funded charitable fund are some of the best ways that together we fully enjoy and protect our beautiful lake as well as the investments we make in our properties surrounding it.

02/04/2019 - Hubbard County COLA News

Park Rapids Area Fishing Expo coming April 12, to find out more, click here.

12/18/2018 - University of Minnesota Extension Classes for 2019

Class: The Art of Beekeeping
Class: Growing your own Fruit Orchard in Zone 3
Class: Hydroponics 101
Class: Plant-a-Basket


To register please call the Extension Office at 218-732-3391 or email me at


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