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11/24/2019 - Hubbard County COLA

A report from a vigilant lake property owner led to the confirmation of zebra mussels in Big McDonald Lake in Otter Tail County.

A property owner sent the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources a photo of a zebra mussel attached to a dock being removed from his property on Big McDonald Lake. DNR invasive species specialists found an additional zebra mussel on a boat lift on an adjacent property.

The report above was sent out by the DNR on 10/31 of this year. I wanted you all to see it as it underscores our "eyes on the water" efforts. This is not an isolated incident - it is often lakeshore owners who first discover the presence of AIS in their lake. This knowledge can then be used to expand watercraft inspection efforts on these lakes, thereby helping to protect neighboring lakes not yet infested. This is what we did when zebra mussels were discovered in Garfield Lake in Hubbard county a couple of years ago.

The 2019 Eyes on the Water survey has now been completed. I wanted to share with you a few highlights. Surveys were sent to over 260 volunteers of which 141 responded - similar to last year. This years's respondents represented 56 different lakes, compared to just 36 lakes last year. Almost 90% of you look for signs of AIS along your lakeshore. Over 85% of you monitor some type of zebra mussel device.

Recognizing the need for zebra mussel monitoring at our public accesses this was greatly expanded in 2019. Last year we covered only 14 of these accesses. In 2019 COLA volunteers placed and monitored 24 devices at public accesses. An additional 13 samplers were placed at additional public accesses by a DNR intern. These also were checked by COLA volunteers.

I encourage you to drill down into the 2019 survey results found on our website at the following link There you will find a summary of the 2019 responses, a comparison of survey results since the Eyes on the Water inception in 2016 and a list of all the public access monitored. In addition there is a report compiled of responders that shows which sides of each lake are being monitored. This is a useful tool for lake associations to verify they have volunteers adequately covering their lake.

Thank you for reading this far! And thank you for all you are doing to keep Hubbard County home to many of the most pristine lakes in the State. We have much to be thankful for.

Until next spring - best regards,
Jeff Mosner

11/18/2019 - MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates

St. Croix River, 580 other waterways added to state's troubled waterways

A new report by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, MPCA found that 56% of the lakes and rivers in Minnesota are impaired, many to the point where fishing and swimming are no longer recommended.


Use this Link to join Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates:

10/25/2019 - New Minnesota State Water Plan to put Climate Change in Focus

Minnesota’s next 10-year plan for water management is expected to look closely at the effect that climate change may have on the state. read more...

09/16/2019 - Membership Reminder from Bob Bray

Reminder, as discussed at the 2019 annual meeting, BSLA membership dues will increase to $50 for the 2020 calendar year. As always I encourage everyone to pay their membership dues early. Thanks for your continued support of the Big Sand Lake Association.

Bob Bray, President, BSLA

08/12/2019 - Floating-leaf and Emergent Vegetation

 Minnesota DNR Fisheries Research program staff delineated the floating leaf and emergent aquatic vegetation of Big Sand lake on 07/11/2019. Click here to view the report summary.

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