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Big Sand Lake Association

committed to the preservation of Big Sand Lake

About Big Sand Lake Association

Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment and preservation of Big Sand Lake. Big Sand lake is located in Hubbard County, near Park Rapids, Minnesota. The lake covers 1,659 acres with a maximum depth of 135 feet. Big Sand has been cited as being one of Minnesota's clearest lakes with water clarity readings occurring at 45 feet and averaging at 25 feet.


The Association was formed during the summer of 1988 for the purpose of maintaining the water quality of the lake. One of the first accomplishments of the association was a fly over of Big Sand. This action resulted in Big Sand Lake becoming the first Hubbard County Lake with 100% of its septic systems upgraded and compliant with county standards and is likely the reason for the amazing water clarity we now enjoy.

Click here for a PDF of the history of BSLA written in 2002 by the late Bob Rust, one of the founding members of the organization. A list of our Past Presidents is also available here.

Since that time the Association has continued to grow with the membership averaging at 150+ members annually representing nearly 75% of Big Sand residents and property owners.

The primary purpose of the association remains the preservation and enhancement of Big Sand Lake for today and for future generations to come. Big Sand volunteers have been monitoring water quality  by doing Secchi disc readings (measuring water clarity) and collecting water samples for laboratory evaluation approximately four times per year since the beginning of the organization.  Recently a designated fund was established for extensive efforts to protect Big Sand from the threat of invasive species, primarily zebra mussels and Eurasian Milfoil.


BSLA continues to evolve and works to serve all who live and visit here.  Annual membership dues provide the operating funds for the following and other Big Sand activities:

  • Purchase, installation and maintenance of watercraft marking and safety buoys
  • Annual secchi disc readings / lake water testing and water quality programs
  • Active implementation of Lake Management Plan / Shoreland maintenance and education
  • BSLA newsletter / Website / Calling Tree
  • Resident Directory, print copy and on-line directory available to all BSLA members
  • Annual meeting and member picnic
  • Social activities throughout the year
  • Big Sand website at and webcam


Download or view a PDF of our BSLA bylaws.

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