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Big Sand Lake Association

committed to the preservation of Big Sand Lake

Charitable Lake Fund

Charitable Lake Fund - Established October 2009

The Fund shall be used to provide financial support to protect, preserve, restore and enhance the quality of Big Sand Lake and its environs.


The Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund is composed of 2 separate funds:
• The Endowment fund - Only earnings on donated monies may be withdrawn.
• The General Spendable fund - Donated monies and earnings may be withdrawn.


Keep Big Sand Lake Beautiful

The best way to keep Big Sand Lake beautiful is for all of us to take responsibility for its future and contribute to this critical goal of keeping Big Sand Lake clean and void of invasive species.


Our desire to keep Big Sand Lake beautiful is being threatened. Invasive species have become a major issue in the lakes of Minnesota. Lakes in our immediate area are experiencing Zebra Mussels, Curly Pond Weed, and Eurasian Water Milfoil.


In the event, Big Sand Lake becomes threatened with an Invasive Species, the Charitable Lake Fund will help us take immediate action for diminishing or eliminating the infestation.


The Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund /General Spendable is available for projects to enhance the preservation of Big Sand Lake and its environs. These types of projects require a larger dollar investment then could be achieved through the use of the Big Sand Lake Association treasury.


Take Action

As citizens, users, and residents our goal is to take action with proactive measures to protect our lake for current and future generations.


The BSLA Charitable Lake Fund Goal

The Advisory Committee (click here for list) has launched a fundraising campaign to raise $11,568 for 1100 hours of watercraft inspection at the boat launch in 2021. Fundraising for watercraft inspection each year helps us to preserve the main body of the fund for future large emergency or planned expenditures.


How to Make Contributions
Click the link below to donate online. Please Direct donation to Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund. The Big Sand Lake Association requests you direct your donation for watercraft inspection to the General Spendable part of the Charitable Lake Fund. Other donations to grow the fund throughout the year are also appreciated!


Donations may be mailed:

NorthWest Minnesota Foundation (NWMF)

201 3rd St NW Bemidji, MN 56601



Your support helps preserve the beauty of Big Sand Lake for all!

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Charitable Lake Fund

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