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Big Sand Lake Association

committed to the preservation of Big Sand Lake

Lake Management Plan

Protect the Lake

A Lake Management Plan (PDF) was established by the association in March of 2005 to assist in prioritizing goals to guide citizen action and engagement in priority action areas. Our action areas include: Water Quality, Fisheries, Lake Shore and Aquatic Vegetation, Wildlife, Exotic Species, Land Use and Zoning, Managing Water Surface Use Conflicts, Public Water Access, and Organizational Development and Communication. The establishment of our lake management plan was guided and funded through the Minnesota Initiative Foundation's Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership Program.


The primary purpose of our association remains the preservation of Big Sand Lake today and for future generations to come.


Our Lake Management Plan


Initiative Foundation Activity


In September 2003 the Big Sand Lake Association was invited to participate in the Initiative Foundation’s Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership program along with eight other Lake Associations in Douglas and Wadena Counties.  Under the coordination of Darrin Moe (Hubbard County Local Water Planner) and Kari Tomperi (Wadena County Water Planner), participants attended two days of training on strategic planning, communication, and nonprofit group leadership to support lake association leadership and plan development.


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Click here to download or view the full Lake Manangement Plan document (PDF).

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