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Fishing Data

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages the fishery on Big Sand Lake. Doug Kingsley is the DNR Area Supervisor with an office located at 301 South Grove Avenue, Park Rapids MN, 56470. Contact information for Mr. Kingsley is / 218-732-4153. General information about the Park Rapids Fisheries can be found at Park Rapids area fisheries.


Big Sand Lake Association (BSLA) works closely with the staff at the DNR Fishery in Park Rapids to monitor fishing activity on the lake. One example of BSLA influence on fishing regulations occurred in approximately 2012 when, following up on a request from BSLA members to adjust the slot limit, the BSLA board submitted a letter to the DNR that successfully altered the slot limit so more walleye of a certain size could be taken.


An overall summary of fishing history and plans for the future of fishing on Big Sand can be found on the link, 2016 DNR Lake Management Plan for Big Sand Lake.


2022 - 23 Current Fishing Regulations:


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